Hole Info

The Royal Montreal Golf Club

Par: 70
Yardage: 7,153 yards

Par 35 – 3,524 yards

Par 35 – 3,629 yards

Hole 1
Par 4 – 444 yards
It’s a slight uphill dogleg left where a 300-yard plus drive is needed to carry a fairway bunker in the left. The green is kidney-shaped, narrows at the front while the back left slopes away.

hole 1

Hole 2
Par 4 – 385 yards
This is a dogleg right that rolls slightly downhill and is driveable from the tee especially with help of the prevailing wind. The green runs perpendicular to the fairway and in addition to being guarded by deep bunker on the left, features several distinct spines and slopes to the right.

hole 2

Hole 3
Par 4 – 437 yards
A dogleg to the right, it requires an accurate second shot to an elevated green which slopes to the back and guarded by bunkers on both sides.

hole 3

Hole 4
Par 4 – 501 yards
The most difficult hole on the front nine usually plays into the prevailing southwest wind. The dogleg left uphill has a narrow landing area between fairway bunkers and a green protected by bunkers on the left and right front sides.

hole 4

Hole 5
Par 3 – 203 yards
Another kidney-shaped and elevated green, there are bunkers left and right.

hole 5

Hole 6
Par 5 – 570 yards
The dogleg right has a large green which sits on a plateau and is angled toward the fairway. Deep bunkers guard the front and there is a series of more at the back on this the first of only two par-5s on the entire course.

hole 6

Hole 7
Par 3 – 153 yards
It’s the shortest par 3, but the green is small, narrow and protected extremely well.

hole 7

Hole 8
Par 4 – 394 yards
It’s a short dogleg left that and usually plays downwind. The green is generous, but not entirely visible from where players hit approach shots.

hole 8

Hole 9
Par 4 – 437 yards
Similar to No. 1 as a slight dogleg left although not uphill, a carry of 320 yards off the tee is needed to take a bunker out of play on the left side of the fairway near the landing area. The elevated green is narrow at the front and has deep bunkers on both sides.

hole 9 

Hole 10
Par 4 – 460 yards
A large pond on the left side starts 160 yards from the green and continues all the way to it. Trees line the right side and the green features a “waterfall style surface” with the height increasing from front to back.

hole 10

Hole 11
Par 4 – 476 yards
The drive from the tee is through a column of trees poised like sentries on either side. The hole doglegs slightly to the right and flows uphill to a sneaky green with ridge running down the centre of it.

hole 11

Hole 12
Par 5 – 570 yards
The first of two new holes and a dogleg left, it plays downhill but has a generous landing zone bordered by bunkers on either side. The green is perched and protected by a complex of bunkers on the left side.

hole 12

Hole 13
Par 3 – 224 yards
It’s the second of the two new holes created during the renovation before the 2007 Presidents Cup. It’s also the longest of four par-3s on the course and plays downhill to another narrow and well-bunkered green.

hole 13

Hole 14
Par 4 – 369 yards
Water on the left and extends all the way to the green and trees line the right side of the fairway which narrows into a small landing area bunkered on the right. The approach shot is in to a green that also is narrow, small in the front and bunkered on the right.

hole 14

Hole 15
Par 4 – 448 yards
Water again is a factor on the left side of the fairway and in front of and around the green. Bunkers on the right and a pot bunker at the back left between the green and the pond guard a long and narrow putting service.

hole 15

Hole 16
Par 4 – 456 yards
Driver off the tee might not be the best option on a hole with a large pond that runs all along the left side. The approach shot is played over water to an elevated green that is protected by a huge bunker.

hole 16

Hole 17
Par 3 – 160 yards
The prevailing wind blows across the green toward the pond on the right. The green is narrow and bunkered on the left side.

hole 17

Hole 18
Par 4 – 466 yards
The 18th is the most challenging green on the course. Water is in play on the left side off the tee and the landing area where the fairway shifts to left and move slightly uphill to a plateaued green.
This is the hole where Weir in dramatic fashion won his Sunday singles match against Tiger Woods at the 2007 Presidents Cup.

hole 18 

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