The City of Toronto will play host to the prestigious RBC Canadian Open at St George’s Golf & County Club from June 8 to June 14, 2020. Nearby Islington Golf Club will once again play host to the official practice facility for the RBC Canadian Open.

The RBC Canadian Open is one of Canada’s premier sport and entertainment events delivering world-class PGA TOUR golf and experiences for spectators of all ages including a two-night concert series. The tournament will attract over 125,000 spectators over seven days and a world-wide television audience reach of over one billion households. The unqualified success of the 2010 event at St George’s Golf & Country Club (in partnership with Islington Golf Club) was key to Golf Canada’s decision to bring the event back to Etobicoke for a sixth time.

As the event approaches, we want to ensure local Etobicoke residents and businesses are aware and consulted on the effects on the community surrounding the golf course with regards to potential road closures, parking restrictions, TTC service and municipal services within the event boundaries and surrounding area.

Golf Canada, St George’s Golf & Country Club and Islington Golf Club are again working closely with the City of Toronto and its agencies to ensure the availability of safe and effective transportation alternatives and the continuation of municipal services during the event in order to mitigate disruption to residents and businesses as much as possible.

Please review the tabs below for additional information.

Islington Ave.

Due to the configuration of St. George’s Golf and Country Club, with the clubhouse and parking facilities located on the west side of Islington Avenue and the golf course located on the east side, the tournament will require the closure of Islington Avenue. This closure is proposed between Eglinton Avenue West in the north and The Kingsway in the south, for the following three weeks:

  • Pre-tournament: Monday, June 1 – Sunday, June 7;
  • Tournament week: Monday, June 8 – Sunday, June 14; and
  • Post-tournament: Monday, Jun 15 – Friday, June 19.

The closed section of Islington Avenue will serve as a pedestrian area for the tournament, with Golf Canada, the tournament television partner(s), and others setting up operations and attractions.

The Islington Avenue closure is divided into a “hard closure” on the north end and a “soft closure” on the south end.

Hard Closure

The hard closure will be a 24/7 closure along Islington Avenue between Eglinton Avenue West and the north side of Prince George Drive / Ridgevalley Crescent from June 1 – June 19. During this time, only a limited set of vehicles will have access to Islington Avenue.

Soft Closure

The soft closure will only be active along Islington Avenue between Prince George Drive / Ridgevalley Crescent and The Kingsway from June 1 to June 19, but may end earlier depending on tear-down operations. When this closure is active, the road will only be accessible by tournament vehicles, pedestrians, and residents with a hang tag.

Islington Avenue Property Access

During the three-week closure period, access will be maintained to the following Islington Avenue properties, from north to south using the hang tag program discussed in the hang tag tab.

  • Toronto Fire Services Station #443 – 1724 Islington Avenue – via Eglinton Avenue West;
  • Ridgevalley Crescent and Ridgecross Road – via Prince George Drive;
  • Residential properties on the east side of Islington Avenue: 1593 – 1621 (8 houses total) – via Prince George Drive; and
  • Residential properties on the west side of Islington Avenue: 1588 – 1630 (14 houses total) – via Prince George Drive.

Poplar Heights Drive / Eden Valley Drive Neighbourhood

The intersection of Islington Avenue and Princess Margaret Boulevard / Poplar Heights Drive is to be closed for the duration of the Islington Avenue closure, leaving the intersection of Eglinton Avenue West and Eden Valley Drive as the only access point to the neighbourhood.

A number of residences are located within the closed areas.  Therefore a hang tag program will be implemented in order to maintain residential access to all properties within the closure during the entire three-week Islington Avenue closure.

Golf Canada will distribute hang tags by direct mail in advance of the tournament.

Residents of four areas will be required to obtain hang tags for their vehicles:

  • Islington Avenue between The Kingsway and Ridgevalley Crescent – 22 homes;
  • Ridgevalley Crescent / Ridgecross Road – 49 homes;
  • Prince George Drive east of Princess Anne Crescent – 4 homes; and
  • Princess Margaret Boulevard east of Palace Arch Drive – 5 homes.

A minimum of four hang tags will be distributed to all affected residences. Any residents requiring additional hang tags will be able to do so via a pick up location that will be established.

The 37 and 937 Islington routes operate through the Islington Closure area, with stops at the intersections as follows:

TTC Route 37
The Kingsway (far side) Eglinton Avenue West (near side)
Ridgevalley Crescent (near side) Richview Collegiate Institute
Poplar Heights Drive (near side) Princess Margaret Boulevard (far side)
Eglinton Avenue West (near side) Prince George Drive (near side)
The Kingsway (near side)
TTC Route 937
Eglinton Avenue West (near side) Eglinton Avenue West (near side)

The TTC has indicated that the 37 and 937 Islington will detour around the closure area along the routes shown in Exhibit 2-5 during the closure period. The route will divert off of Islington Avenue using the following roadways:

  • The Kingsway;
  • Kipling Avenue; and
  • Eglinton Avenue West

The current locations of temporary stops for the diversion are still being planned by TTC and will be finalized at a later date.

At this time Golf Canada is still finalizing locations for parking and rideshare lots in and around the tournament vicinity.  Overall, the public will not be permitted to park personal vehicles at St. George’s Golf and Country Club or in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

In order to manage traffic and parking in the surrounding neighbourhoods, a proposed Blue Zone will be established on local streets surrounding St. George’s and Richview Collegiate Institute. As part of this proposed Blue Zone, the City of Toronto will enact temporary No Parking bylaws for streets within the proposed Blue Zone. Specific streets will also have No Stopping and No Standing Bylaws enacted.

This bylaw is to be in effect for tournament week as follows:

  • Monday to Sunday 7am to 8pm

The Bylaw will apply to all vehicles both local and nonlocal. All violators risk ticketing and/or towing.

Golf Canada will inform all attendees through its various communications channels that absolutely no parking is permitted in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Special considerations will be considered for residences through the Toronto Police Services Parking Enforcement Division.

For the 2020 RBC Canadian Open, the proposed Blue Zone will cover the following areas:

  • The neighbourhood bounded by Eglinton Avenue West, Islington Avenue, The Kingsway, and Kipling Avenue;
  • The neighbourhood bounded by Eglinton Avenue West, Russel Road, Summitcrest Drive, Waterford Drive, Strathdee Drive, and Wincott Drive;
  • The Poplar Heights Drive / Eden Valley Drive neighbourhood; and
  • Ridgevalley Crescent / Ridgecross Road.
  • The neighbourhood bounded by Eglinton Avenue West, Martin Grove Road, Rathburn Road, and Kipling
  • The neighbourhood bounded by The Kingsway, Kipling, Rathburn, and Islington Avenue
  • The neighbourhood along La Rose Avenue from Islington to Royal York
  • The neighbourhood along Maidacroft Place from Russell Road to the dead end of the Maidacroft Place
  • The neighbourhood bounded by Edenbridge Drive, The Kingsway, Wimbleton Road, Anglesey Boulevard, and Islington Avenue
  • The neighbourhood bounded by Rathburn, Kipling, Wingrove Hl, Haliburton Ave, Rivercove Dr, and Edenwood Dr
  • The neighbourhood surrounding Islington Golf and Country Club specifically along the entirety of Babington Court, Hatton Court, and Riverbank Drive

This is similar to the Blue Zone used during the 2010 RBC Canadian Open however, additional streets have been proposed to be included in the 2020 plan.

In addition to the No Parking bylaw that will be in affect throughout the Blue Zone the following streets will have a No Stopping or No Standing Bylaw in affect:

No stopping on both sides:

  • The Kingsway (Kipling Avenue to Hartfield Road);
  • Princess Margaret Boulevard (from Islington Avenue to Kipling Avenue);
  • Bemersyde Drive (from Eglinton Avenue West to Princess Margaret Boulevard);
  • Kipling Avenue (from The Kingsway to Eglinton Avenue West); and
  • Palace Arch Drive (from Princess Margaret to Islington Avenue).

No standing on both sides:

  • Eglinton Avenue West (from Kipling Avenue to Royal York Road);
  • Princess Margaret Boulevard (from Kipling Avenue to Martin Grove Road);
  • Hedges Boulevard (from Martin Grove Road to Kuhl Avenue);
  • Firwood Crescent (from Lloyd Manor Road to Glen Agar Drive);
  • Glen Agar Drive (from Firwood Crescent to North Heights Road);
  • North Heights Road (from Glen Agar Drive to Kipling Avenue);
  • Beaverbrook Avenue (from Shadowbrook Drive to Kipling Avenue);
  • Shadowbrook Drive (from Beaverbrook Avenue to Rathburn Road); and
  • Lloyd Manor Road (from Princess Margaret Boulevard to Rathburn Road).

Outside of the proposed Blue Zone, normal City parking regulations will apply. In the case of unsigned locations, three-hour parking is permitted. Any vehicles parked longer than three hours risk tagging and/or towing, just as they would elsewhere in the city.

Golf Canada, in consultation with the local councillor’s office, will distribute literature to all Blue Zone homes explaining, at a minimum, the following:

  • An overview of the event;
  • Map of street closures and estimated closure dates;
  • TTC bus rerouting;
  • The duration of the parking restrictions; and
  • What steps will be taken to limit traffic infiltration

To learn more about the event and provide any feedback, join us at one of our public information and consultation meetings for residents and businesses:

Public Consultation Meeting
Date: Monday January 20, 2020
Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Location: Martingrove Collegiate Institute, 50 Winterton Dr. Etobicoke

Open House Information Meeting
Date: Thursday May 7, 2020
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Location: St George’s Golf and Country Club, 1668 Islington Ave. Etobicoke

Commercial Properties

It is recommended that commercial properties utilize private security in order to patrol their parking lots in the area to ensure that they are not used by tournament traffic. 

School Operations near the Tournament

There are two schools affected by the operations of the tournament – Richview Collegiate Institute and St. George’s Junior Public School.  Golf Canada is working directly with the Toronto District School Board in order to limit the impact to both schools including pick up and drop of times.

  • Spectator, media, and supplier parking along the hydro corridor
  • Spectator shuttle bus route and bus loop (dark blue)
  • Media and supplier shuttle bus route and bus loop (green)
  • Potential increase in local traffic in the area to be focused on major arteries
  • Local Traffic only signs on approaches into the neighbourhoods to discourage through traffic

For questions and further information, please email or call 1-800-571-6736.